Product Applications: Mobilux Mechanical Drive Mobilux Mechanical Drive

The Mechanical-Drive unit is an upgrade from the Hand-Drive; it is suitable for large storage areas. The units are made up of a lightweight and strong construction, consisting of high tensile strength aluminum and a combination of woods and plastics. The addition of the crank handle makes moving heavy loads easier due to the gear system.


Ergonomic Crank Handle

The handle is specifically designed with a streamlined approach. The lack of sharp edges makes the handle easy to grasp and turn. The smooth curves and stainless steel body compliment the rest of the drive with a visual unity. After use, the handle will always rest in a downward position.

Ease of Use

One of the advantages of a mechanical drive is that it can move much heavier loads with ease in comparison to the Hand-Drive unit. This means moving excessive weight without heavy physical exertion; up to 45,000 Kg can be moved due to a sprocket driven gear reduction system.

Streamlined Construction

The units are designed with simplicity in mind, to look clean, parallel and orderly. It is intended to be able to sit in any office or work environment without drastically changing the visual direction of the room. Ergo the visual design can be appropriate in industrial to commercial spaces.


The Mechanical-Drive unit comes built with a lock and key. Sensitive information that may be kept inside the unit can be locked overnight or when required by using the lock. The key also comes with a spare.


The Mechanical-Drive unit can be customized and equipped with a range of different shelves, lockers, frames and racks as well as material choices for the front and back paneling, click the accessories link to examine the full list of customizations.