Product Applications: Mobilux Electrical Drive Mobilux Electrical Drive

The Electrical-Drive unit is the next step in office storage; it is suitable in medium to large sized spaces. It is the most technologically advanced drive that Mobilux has to offer, with many safety features as well as options to visual appearance and practicality. There is also a higher level of security in the unit due to the digital interface.


Digital Interface

The digital interface, quite simply put allows for automatic file access. Touch pad panels makes it easy to distinguish the left and right controls making it simple to operate. Also included is a transponder key reader as well as an emergency stop button.

Automatic Lighting

The option of having automatic lighting makes it convenient to access information in dark or dim areas. The lights are placed on the top of each unit so overhead ceiling lighting can be turned off which can result in a decrease of power usage. The lights illuminate according to the aisle open.


Apart from the standard lock and key, the electrical drive offers the option of transponder keys. This increases security as only specific keys can access certain aisles. An example would be key X has access to aisles 1–5, whereas key Y has access to 4-10. This supports the notion of different levels of clearance in the same storage unit.

Ease of Use

The advantage of an electrical drive is that it can move content with the touch of a button. No manual labour is required to access different aisles, and the user has complete control with the navigational controls on each unit. LED lights indicate which direction the units are going to travel in.


There are two safety features that can be installed to ensure that nobody is damaged by closing units. The options are either the track sensor or the EDS.

- Track Sensors
The track sensors detect objects and people in open aisles. The units will stay stationary unless the object or person has cleared from the aisle. Only once the track sensor detects an empty aisle will the units start to move.

- EDS (Entrance Detection System)
The EDS is a motion & heat detector that provides a complete safety solution. It is based on state-of-the-art thermal radiation sensors and is the only safeguard system that is able to detect the entire space of an open and closing aisle. Once the sensor is activated, an output signal with an LED indication on the controls will remain active until the space is clear.


The Electrical-Drive unit can be customized and equipped with a range of different shelves, lockers, frames and racks as well as material choices for the front and back paneling, click the accessories link to examine the full list of customizations.