Product Applications: Mobilux Electrical Drive Mobilux Accessories

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The various drives that Mobilux offers can be customized with a range of different attachments and additions. These include additional shelves and lockers as well as panel appearance and material.


Graphic Panels

Customize the front panels with any image of your choice; material selection ranges from wood and acrylic to laminates, wall carpets and more… (Does not apply for the S2S)

Custom Back Paneling

Choose between Polypropylene Plastic or Sheet metal

Pull Out Shelf

Add pullout shelving to further organize information

Pull Out Drawer

Add pullout drawers for additional storage compartments

Pull Out Frame

Add pullout frames to organize files with ease.

Shelf Guards

Front & Back
– Prevent objects from falling off moving units

Shelf Stand
– Hold objects in place within the shelves

Clothes Rack

Hang coats and other miscellaneous items with this suspended beam

Lockable Doors

Add doors within the shelves for added security, comes with lock and key

Wire Rack

Use a wire rack to hang and display artwork, photography and more

Label Holders

Organize and arrange each unit with these label holders