Product Applications: Mobilux Mechanical Drive Why Mobilux

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Mobilux offers high-class leading technical innovation, design versatility and user-configurable options.

  • Double your storage capacity with Mobilux with a streamlined singular aisle design
  • Cramped? Mobilux frees up space for other functions
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Multiple Color Options

Multiple Color Options

There are no limits to your choice of panel surface finishes and textures to suit every interior design style.

Innovative Lightweight Design

Specially designed to meet office floor load requirements.

Looks and Feels like Furniture

Mobilux is a product of fine workmanship, the most modern materials, and the greatest range of colour panels to match any office or home storage environment.

Designed for flexibility

Widest range of Mobilux accessories. Mobilux's flexible system of short, medium and long term filing and storage products, permits optimum use of any available room.
Designed for Flexibility

Effortless Movement

Unique rail system for the smoothest movement in the market